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North Dakota State University (NDSU) offers students from ZJETP opportunities to study Business, Food Safety, and Computer Science. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, NDSU is one of the top business and technology universities in the Midwest.
Since 2009, students from ZJETP have continued their education at NDSU and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2-3 years.
Fargo is home to one of the largest Microsoft offices in the world and has cutting-edge technology companies located on campus in the Research and Technology Park. As one of the nation's leading research universities, NDSU has aligned itself in cooperation with many innovative companies. Each year, NDSU spends more than $100 million on research and provides students with countless opportunities to work side-by-side with industry leaders.
In addition to classroom learning, the joint program students will gain hands-on experience by taking advantage of opportunities at Microsoft and at the Research and Technology Park.
Faculty from both ZJETP and NDSU collaborate each summer with a training program. ZJETP faculty travel to NDSU for continuing education courses in business, computer science or ESL. They also work to further develop this US-China partnership and explore opportunities with international companies in the NDSU Research and Technology Park.