ESL Summer Camp
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Improve your English skills and earn ESL class credit this summer!
ZJETP is sponsoring a three-week ESL summer camp in Ningbo in July. Faculty from both the University of Minnesota-Crookston and ESL-certified instructors from ZJETP will teach the courses. The class materials  are ESL course books used in the United States.
Students will spend 160 hours in the classroom studying:
     -       TOEFL-ITP intensive prep
     -       English writing
     -       American culture
     -       Introduction to US universities
     -       Public Speaking and PPT presentations
     -       English listening
     -       Tell-me-more software self-study
     -       Reading and vocabulary
Students receive an ESL certification of completion required for the TOEFL-ITP exam, which is offered at the end of the camp. Students who score at least a 500 on the exam are qualified to study at one of ZJETP's four partner universities in the United States. A score of 500 or more will count as an ESL course credit, so additional ESL courses aren't needed.
Students who score between 450-500 on the exam may apply for the US program. However, they will still need to take an ESL class once they arrive at university in the United States.
ZJETP provides opportunities for students to continue their education in the United States and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in as little as two or three years.