Zhejiang Economic and Trade Polytechnic (ZJETP) is looking for energetic, creative native English speakers who want a unique experience working with university students in China. 

ZJETP is a well-established public university that is quickly expanding its international programs. Business, economics and trade are the university’s most reputable programs. Many students will attend universities in the United States upon completing their 3-year degree at ZJETP.

The university is located in Xiasha Higher Education District, a special development zone one hour east of Hangzhou. Xiasha is a rapidly developing area that is home to 14 of Hangzhou’s universities and a number of international corporations, including Phillips and Motorola.

ZJETP is looking for applicants with:

- A Bachelor’s Degree, preferably education-related
- Prior teaching experience
- Basic understanding of the Chinese culture
- Strong desire to teach and live in another country

Teaching opportunities available in:
- English
- IT
- Food safety or biology
Applicants with experience in either education or the Chinese language (or both) will be preferred over those without it. However, ifyou have a bachelor’s degree and have a genuine desire to work in China but lack the experience, we encourage you to apply. ZJETP welcomes couples, siblings or good friends to come teach at the university together. 

Working at ZJETP 
(Each foreign teacher will have):
14-16 hours in the classroom, with an average of 40 students per class.
Computer access (with Internet) for both students and teachers in each classroom.
Academic adviser to assist you with course planning.

Benefits for working at ZJETP

4,500RMB per month (approximately $700 USD)
- Free or subsidized furnished apartment in downtown Hangzhou
- Monthly stipend for utilities, like water and internet
Free round-trip airfare for a one-year contract. One-way airfare for single semester employees.
Airport pickup upon arrival
Health insurance
- Free shuttle to and from campus

How to apply:

Email foreign@zjiet.edu.cn and specify which type of courses you would be interested in teaching, along with your:
Resume or CV
- Scanned copy of your passport information page
- Copies of your Bachelor’s degree
Additional education certificates
Letters of Recommendation from previous teaching jobs (optional)