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ZJETP Students Celebrate Spring with Easter Egg Scramble and Hunt
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Extra care is usually taken when carrying eggs. It’s rare that anyone would intentionally drop an egg from more than a meter in the air. However, students did just that at a springtime celebration on April 27.

More than 50 students from ZJETP’s international joint program attended the event. Janae Hagen, a foreign English teacher at ZJETP, gave a short presentation about Easter and other springtime customs from the US and Europe. Two special guests from Germany attended the party, Dr. Werner Hutterer, the director of the ZJETP-Germany joint study program and his colleague.

After the presentation, students worked on teams to design a basket that would protect an egg from becoming scrambled when dropped from high in the air. Each team was given the same supplies and had only 15 minutes to devise a creative and protective basket.

Almost two-dozen eggs were splattered on the floor, but two teams managed to design a basket that protected their egg from a drop two meters high. The winning team received an Easter basket full of gifts and candy.

Though, no one left the party empty-handed. The final activity was an Easter egg hunt around the lake on campus. More than 100 candy-filled, colorful plastic eggs were hidden in bushes and under benches.

Students scoured the lake for more than 20 minutes before heading to the classroom to claim their prizes. Each attendee had brought a small gift to give away. Some of the eggs contained a slip of paper, which corresponded to one of the prizes.

The ZJETP joint program students learned about springtime traditions in the countries where they will soon be studying, the United States and Germany. They had fun learning something new while doing something we avoid doing to eggs cracking them open before they hit a hot pan.