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Arrival Checklist
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Make sure you complete this list within your first two weeks of arriving in Hangzhou

o        Open a bank account. The International Office will open a bank account for you with the Bank of China. We will directly deposit your salary to this account on the 10th of each month.

o         Foreign Experts' certificate. Please bring four pictures to the Foreign Affairs Office (including your family                        members). The office will use them to apply for Foreign Experts Certificate (2 pictures) and Foreigner’s Residence Permit (2 pictures).

o        Health check and certificate. Please go to the Hangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention(杭州市疾 病防疫控制中心,)or Hangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(杭州市出入境检验检疫局) to do a medical check (alongo with your family members) and then bring the Health Certificate to the International Office. Each person should bring your passport, 4 pictures and 170RMB.

o        Sign the contract. Please go to the International Office to sign the formal contract.

o        Residency permit. Go to the local Police Station with your original passport to make a “Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Aliens”(《暂住人口登记表》). Someone from the International Office will accompany you to the police station to obtain the permit.