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Rules and regulations for teaching
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Obligations to be met by teachers:

1)        Teachers are required to observe fully the Chinese law, regulations and professional code of ethics in teaching.

2)        Teachers are required to adhere to Chinese educational guidelines and established curricula; they are required to carry out the terms of their teaching contract and complete the teaching tasks involved.

3)        Teachers are not permitted to promote any matter contravening the Chinese constitution, law or foreign policy. Disseminating sayings that go against the national peace and unification of the People's Republic of China such as the issues concerning Tibet or Taiwan or conducting religious activities are strictly prohibited.

Teachers may not discriminate against any person on grounds of race, color, culture, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

5)        Teachers must respect the culture and dignity of each individual, and exercise courtesy and restraint in the event of any conflict, and encourage the full development of the students. Teachers are not allowed to cause physical or mental harm to students.

6)        Teachers are required to make all reasonable efforts to oppose incompetent, illegal or unethical behavior and report any such behavior to authorities.

7)        Teachers are required to observe the policies and regulations of the employer and abide by the terms of their contact or agreement, whether verbal or written, unless the duties required include behavior which violates the code of ethics.

8)        Teachers must demonstrate concern for and appreciation of the heritage, values and principles of the employing agency.

9) Teachers may not arrive to the classroom late or leave early without reason or permission.

10) Exam papers must be completed on time. Losing the exam paper, divulging questions prior to the test, or making mistakes while grading the exam is not allowed.

11) The exam may not be postponed due to late arrival or unapproved absence.


12) Incidents of plagarism and cheating on class assignment or the exam must be reported.


13) The exam paper must be objectively graded according to the college marking standard and grades must be reported to the academic office on time.

ZJETP will not consider employment renewal or extension for those who conduct teaching accidents. If the case is serious, ZJETP may consider a contract termination before the contract expiration.

For other regulations of ZJETP, please consult the Foreign Affairs office directly. Teachers should abide by all regulations of ZJETP, whether verbal or written.