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Teaching requirements and management
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1.      Teachers must carry out their duties according to the schedules arranged by the college.

2.      Lessons may not be re-arranged or combined. Absence, early departure, or late arrival for class is not permitted. Teaching hours may not be reduced without express permission; personal arrangements for substitute teachers are also not allowed.

a.      In the event of any necessary business trip, academic visit or conference, or a family emergency, approval for rearranging classes must be given by the Dean, with make-up classes scheduled following the teacher’s return. Applications to request leave are available in the education office.

b.      If a teacher is invited to lecture in other universities in the middle of the semester, he/she should provide the official invitation. The International Office will only consider it with the permission first granted by his/her hosting department.

c. Suspending classes without submitting an application for approved absence and without getting approval from the International Office is not allowed.

3.      Teachers must check student attendance regularly. Students who are absent for 1/3 or more of the classes are not eligible to take the final exam. Teachers should reprimand  the students and if necessary, report to the relevant supervisor students who consistently arrive late for class.

4.      Teachers should make every effort to improve their teaching and carry out proper preparation for each class. They should be neatly dressed when in class and be polite. Using multimedia, like PowerPoint, is strongly encouraged.

5.      During the first week of the semester, the teaching secretary will ensure that teachers are provided with all necessary materials in terms of syllabi, schedules and evaluation sheets. Teachers should observe the schedule and class arrangements provided.

6.      One week after the final examination, teachers should hand in to the teaching secretary the final scores in both an electronic and a paper version. The latter must carry the teacher’s signature and will be subject to scrutiny by the Dean.

7.      Following the final exam, teachers should cooperate with other relevant staff in filing the score sheets and other documents related to the classes they have taught.

8.      A teacher’s employment will be terminated in the event of evidence of incompetence in teaching or negligence, or in the event of strong opposition from the students.

9.      When asking for sick leave, a teacher must provide a doctor’s certificate and a written report to the International Office. His/her salary shall be paid as usual if the sick leave is less than a week; however the work/classes that have been missed shall be made up within 30 days after the sick leave and before the end of the semester.

a.      If sick leave is longer than a week and no longer than 30 days, and if our college does not terminate the contract, teacher shall receive 50% of his/her salary until the day he/she resumes regular work.

b.      If sick leave is longer than 30 days, and if our college does not terminate the contract, teacher’s salary shall be reduced accordingly.

c. If our college asks to terminate the contract, college will consider paying a certain portion of the expenses - up to 5000 RMB - for teacher’s departure from China.

With our college’s permission, a deduction in salary shall be made according to the number of days the teacher is absent. During one contract period, a teacher shall not ask for leave of absence for an accumulative total of 10 days and should not ask for leave of absence for more than three days in a row (negotiable under specific circumstances). If a teacher is absent from his/her post without the college’s consent, a deduction of a three-day salary will be made each day the teacher is absent.