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School shuttle timetable
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1)First shuttle, a.m.

 a党校(Wenyi Road)700   (大客 23708

The bus stops directly in front of your apartment each morning

 b) Huashang Supermarket (Century Mart)650


Second shuttle, a.m.:

c) Huashang Supermarket (Century Mart)830

党校 Wenyi Road 8:40 ---campus 

If your classes started in 10:10, you could take this shuttle.



a)  Campus (12:30) to downtown

If you do not have classes in the afternoon, you could take this shuttle back downtown.

    b) Downtown - Campus 

                        i.              Huashang Supermarket (Century Mart)1210---

                      ii.              党校(Wenyi Road) --campus 

If your classes are in the afternoon, you could take this shuttle to campus.

3) Afternoon: Campus - Downtown

a) campus1610----党校(Wenyi Road ) (light green bus)

b) campus1610----商超市(Huashang Supermarket ) (light blue bus)