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Living in Hangzhou
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  West Lake is the center of attractions and fun things to do in Hangzhou. On the shores or in the surrounding hills and neighborhoods adjacent to the water lies the heart of Hangzhou culture and history.

Rent a bicycle for a beautiful ride around the lake

 -   Visit dozens of pagodas and temples hidden in the hillsides and along the lake.

 -    Hike on miles and miles of well-worth paths on the west side of the lake

-   Dine at an array of restaurants serving everything from traditional Zhejiang provincial fare to American burgers to Indian curries.

  Shop at a variety of markets, including the night market and silk market. Hangzhou is China’s most famous city for silk, so there are countless beautiful scarves to choose from. Practice your bargaining skills – most shopkeepers are ready to haggle.

-   Admire art at Hangzhou's many public museums, which are free to visit.

Local finds

The best way to discover fun things in Hangzhou is by exploring. The city has a large expat community and there are always a number of fun group gatherings like trivia or running clubs to join. To discover Hangzhou’s social scene, visit 

  More magazine is a free monthly magazine that features events in Hangzhou and has restaurant, bar, and café reviews – including Chinese addresses! The magazines are available at most western restaurants, especially around West Lake. Their website is